Thursday, March 19, 2015

Green Gooey Goop. A fun children's book about eating right!

About the Book:

Title: Green Gooey Goop
Author: Anna C. Morrison
Publisher: Green Gooey Goop
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Format: Paperback/Kindle

A little girl is presented with a different sort of a meal when her mom serves her green gooey goop. Interesting and icky ingredients appear one by one as the little girl decides what's in this noxious-smelling concoction. The little girl creates a flood, and her dog's fur turns green. Suggested age range for readers: 0-8

This book was written to capture the moment when a child is confronted by healthy food that, while nutritious, may not appear to be delicious. Many children react imaginatively to new foods, and the child in this book is no exception. She envisions the ingredients as other than what her mother describes in the first part of the book in an attempt to get out of eating the food. When she realizes she must eat it anyway, it spills onto the family dog, who may or may not be green forever!

I hope you enjoy starting a conversation with your child about the value of eating healthy foods that also taste delicious. Thank you for reading Green Gooey Goop!
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My Review
When I first got the book I wasn't sure what the story was about. I read the story to my boys and they thought it was funny. Here is a girl who is being introduced to new food. It is healthy but she sees it as gross. It was a great way to start talking about eating healthy. The boys liked the pictures. They loved talking about the dog getting messy. They didn't really know it was about food until I told them. Definitely a book we will read again.

About the Author

Anna C. Morrison is an author of children’s books, including Silly Moments and Green Gooey Goop, with many more to follow. She is also an adjunct professor for multiple colleges and universities, both face-to-face and online. While she instructs various levels of English composition, she also teaches classes on literature, film, feature writing, and technical writing, among others. In addition, she has worked with Adapt Courseware as a writing consultant on three video course projects, including college skills and composition. Anna received her MFA in Writing from Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, and her BA in English, Creative Writing, from California State University, San Bernardino. Anna is an active member of SCBWI and is available for book signings. She lives in Southern California with her family and pets.

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