Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Arash Vol. 4:

Jhanmar– World Travellers

By Elke Schuster

The eagerly awaited final book

about Livia and her Arash family

Following the success of the first three novels of the Arash series, “Shadow Hunt,” “Raytara – Judgement of the Stars” and “Tasagalt – Cross of the South” the final book of the series was eagerly awaited. “Jhanmar – World Travellers” will be released in November 2014.

Arash, the stars of the four-book series, are new players in the world of fantasy creatures. They are descendants of the stars, more human than vampires, but powerful enough to be alluring.

The heroine of the first book, Livia, is finally one of them but has to encounter unimaginable dangers to save herself and her new family.

Lost shadows, forgotten memories, inexplicable happenings – what’s wrong with Livia’s perfect new life? Is it being manipulated or is it just an illusion?

Yearning for the truth, she struggles against the man who claims to love her and his dominance over her life. Will Livia manage to escape and re-enter a world threatened by dark forces? And what on earth is translocation, a dangerous, mad and forbidden concept that the whole Arash world is whispering about?

Livia’s Arash family crumbles, disrupted by mistrust and hatred, her human sister Sophie is dying. Will Livia find a way back to her friends and be able to save her one true love, Cassius, or will Eamon’s world claim her forever?

“The Arash books started out as a story for young adults but I soon realized my adult test readers couldn’t put them down either. Many of them could identify with the heroine, Livia, and lost themselves in her love affair as well as her incredible adventures,” says Schuster. “That’s what reading is about for me: having fun, enjoying yourself, entering new worlds, and basically making you feel good.”

Elke Schuster studied Romance philology and English and American Studies in Salzburg, Venice, and London, culminating in her dissertation on ‘Machiavelli under the Perspective of Greek and Latin Historiography.’

She worked at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, doing radio features and working on the ‘Prix Ars Electronica,’ an international competition in the field of electronic and interactive art, computer animation, digital culture and music. Later she diversified into marketing and now owns a successful translation business (, working with customers all over the world.

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Arash Vol. 1, Shadow Hunt

Arash Vol. 2: Raytara – Judgement of the Stars

Arash Vol. 3: Tasagalt – Cross of the South

Arash Vol. 4: Jhanmar – World Travellers

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