Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick food and Valentines Day food for the boys!

So this snow and all our house issues are stressing me out. Which stress the boys out which make for some long days!

This was out my front door at around 5 yesterday and it was still snowing. We are close to having 20 inches on our yard with this snow. Then I saw they are predicting more snow tonight! More snow!! 

So with all this snow I wasn't in the mood to really cook much so we had a hodgepodge of food for dinner. We made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins from Heavenly Homemaker, some Cheese Crackers from 100 Days of Real Food, leftover buns from lunch and fruit. My kids love anything baked

So for valentines day we decided to make all our meals heart shaped. The boys thought it was the funnest thing we have done.

Our "Red" Velvet Pancakes shaped as hearts for breakfast

The Boys each got to cut their pancakes into hearts and we even got to save some for future breakfasts.
For lunch Hubby & I had Huevo in the Hole
We made the boys tiny heart shaped peanut butter heart sandwiches and applesauce.

For dinner we make Heart shaped pizzas
Love making pizza and made extra heart shaped crusts for the freezer. So not only did we have heart shaped food we also got some food for the freezer. We added pancakes, tortillas and pizza crust. So besides being stuck inside we had a nice day
All smiles!
Happy Valentines Day all!!

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