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Cloth Diapers: How I got Started & Are the Worth it?

Doesn't my changing table look pretty?! One of the few times my diapers are all folded and put there withing a day of them being washed lol. We usually just use them from the basket until we need the basket again.
I get asked so many questions about cloth diapering. I answer, offer my opinion if asked and just nod my head the rest of the time. So basically this is how I got started and what I use.

When my oldest some was around 6 months old I really started thinking about using cloth diapers. We had just found out we were pregnant with our second son, had a house and debt that comes with being an adult. My SIL used cloth diapers and was the one who helped me get started. I tried many many different types of cloth diapers before I settled on the diapers I use now.

4 years later I am still using cloth diapers and I won't ever go back.

So is it worth it?
I truly believe it is. Now we have 4 boys under 5 and 3 are still in diapers. So everyday I change around 30 diapers. So that's 210 diapers a week and about 840ish diapers a month. Most disposable diaper boxes have 96 diapers for about $13 so that would be at least $130 a month up to $150 and that's just diapers. Not to mention wipes which we use for everything. I am not doing the math for those because I hate math and my phone is on the charger.

Do you ever use disposable? 
Yes I do. I do not like to because I love my cloth diapers. When my kids are sick disposables are good for the gross diapers. Also if we are going to be in the car for awhile or go on vacation we use disposable.

What about #2 diapers?
Its gross but you get used to it. When they are babies I don't worry about it to much. But when they are older you need to make sure you throw the poop in the toilet. Some people have diaper sprayer but my kids would use it for something gross lol.

What about your Spouse?
At first he was skeptical. I made sure to explain to him how it would save us money and we gave it a trail run. Now we both hate going back to disposables. While they are niec to just throw away, the tabs are annoying after using snappie diapers.

There are so many types, how to choose?
Well I tried so many different types. I settled with Sunbaby diapers because they are cheaper and work awesome. But I say make sure you research and look for used diapers. They are cheaper and its good to try before you invest.

What about washing them?
Everyone has their own way. Some use tide, or any free and clear type, or special diaper detergent. I make my own because its cheaper and my kids have such sensitive skin that any store bought detergent makes them break out in a rash.

What do you do when they get a rash?
With cloth diapers you don't want to use store bought cream unless it says its safe for cloth. I make my own all purpose salve that I use along with powder. Now this is my opinion, every person has their own opinion and uses what they think is best and that's fine.

What do you need to cloth diaper?
So this is my diaper area. On the top I have my table mat, the cloth wipes and a bottle of diaper wipe spray. The middle shelf I have my diapers. The left side has diapers for my 3yr old & 2yr old, the diaper inserts in the center and diapers for my 7 month old on the right side. The bottom shelf holds disposable diaper (we use them for nighttime fir our 3yr old and trips), night time diapers, potty training diaper & swim diapers. Next to the Changing table table I have a trash can that I use as a diaper pail. It has a pail liner inside to hold the diapers.

This is the pail liner  that goes inside my diaper pail. I have 2 so I can wash one and have one inside the pail.

These are my night time diapers. The are made specifically for overnights and have 2 liner stuffed inside. I love them because I can adjust them to each child.

The top 2 diapers are my swim diapers. The bottom one is a training pants system. It comes with little pads that can be taken out if they have an accident. 

This is my travel wet bag. It fits about 6 dirty cloth diapers and wipes. Just dump diapers in the washer when ready to wash them and clean out the inside of the bag. Keeps the smell in too.

This cute monkey bag holds my dry wipes when we go somewhere. It has helped us save so much money since we do not have to buy wipes when we are out.
This I just how I chose to do thing. Make sure you research what is best for you and your family!

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