Monday, February 24, 2014

I do not like Mondays!

Aren't they cute! They all decided to sit for a picture and look!

So this weekend was so boring. I have been healing from hurting my back. I figured out that I hurt myself pushing my husbands car when it got stuck in the snow.
So today we spent the day accounting for every penny spent during our move. It was a lot of adding and now I never want to look at numbers again.

Then we spent time talking to county assessor trying to figure out tax information. Basically a 20 minute phone call and we are still just as confused.

Called a car place because the lights on my van are not working and we have already gotten pulled over twice because my taillight is out and its some sort of electrical problem.

Then our 2 year old took his diaper off and went #2 on the floor.

Also all toys we own are pilled onto the toy room floor in a "swim" pile. This was all before 1...

Now finishing packing a box for my sister in Missouri and trying to clear some books out of my kindle because it keeps telling my I don't have enough room to open any books.

How was every ones weekend?

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