Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentines day! Plus Forbidden Mind Book Review!

So this year for Valentines Day I told my husband what I wanted and made sure to send him the link and everything. He thought I was funny but he always complains that he never knows what to get. Anyway I was so excited for my gift this year.
Last month one of my new favorite authors Karpov Kinrade introduced us to her father who is very talented. For Valentines Day Norm's Dream Box made these wood hearts with his daughter and he decided to sell them to whoever was interested. Then they decided to offer a signed book of choice with your order. So as soon as I saw this my husband was notified immediately that I wanted this.

This is my favorite book cover! I realized had this eBook and started it but never finished it. So here is my review.
5/5 Stars
The book starts out at school with Sam. She is painting and dreaming about the future, going to college and having fun with her friends. Things take a turn when Sam gets told she has to take a job and risk missing the most important event in her life. The thing about her school is they are also a Rent-A-Kid. They are kids with special Para Powers that get rented out to the rich and powerful to work. Sam Starts to find herself and not letting others push her around anymore.

Drake gets introduced while he is surfing. He feels at home in the water but today he senses someone watching him and not for a good reason. He gets back to his apartment and his roommate tries to get him to lay low but Drake doesn't listen. Then while heading to visit Father Patrick he springs into action and uses his powers to save a life. Father Patrick protects him and warns him to be careful. Drake decides to continue living his life and heads to a surfing competition. That is when things go south.

Go read this book! I loved it. I started the book over and could not put it down. The story is so well written. They make sure that you can follow along as it jumps from Sam to Drake's point of view. This book is the first in a trilogy and is a must for lovers of paranormal, romance and mystery.

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH! We're so thrilled you loved the book and the carving! <3


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