Friday, September 12, 2014

My New Favorite Cookbook!

Me and Boy 2 &3 on the day we got our new cookbook!

One of my favorite things, outside of reading, is cooking! I have a slight obsession with cookbooks. My most recent one comes from one of my favorite blogs. Around 3 years ago I decided to start changing the way my family and I ate. We decided to start a real food life style. After talking to my awesome sis, I visited the 100 Days of Real Food.

For me I really wanted to start cutting out sugar. At the time we had 3 boys and I was noticing very hyper and extremes with their behavior. I never realized how much sugar was in everything! Not to mention all of the dyes and other grossness. It was a long process with many errors, but we finally live a fairly real food lifestyle

Now we make almost 90% of items homemade/from scratch. We still eat out sometimes and buy treats, but are working on teaching them how to be smart about what goes into their bodies.

One of my favorite recipes is the Creamy Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese. We tried so many before my children found one they liked. Now we have this awesome cookbook.

Here are just some of what we have made so far:

Boy 2 eating spaghetti with Homemade Tomato Sauce made from fresh roma tomatoes

Here is Southwest Chicken Wraps and Crock-pot Refried Beans

Super Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits

All these were a hit. We have made more than just these but ts usually gone before I get a picture :)

I give this book 5 BIG Stars!

Check out this awesome Cookbook and her blog 100 Days of Real Food

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