Thursday, January 8, 2015

I James Guest Post

Captain Jose


On trip to Spice Islands, 1631

We've been on the water now for a little over two weeks.

A surprise came yesterday when this man, this James Sheffington, wandered over to the barque before we left Madras and asked for a ride, proclaiming to want to work.

It was surprising.

My young life has been spent mostly on the water, and mostly working.

I've been working for Crofter shipping now for nearly twelve years.

Shorty hired me when he and Geoff were in charge of the people working there.

And while the founder, Walter Crofter, was not at the office, everyone knew of him. And a painting of him hung prominently on the office wall. I think that picture was made just after his wedding to Maria, the Spanish princess. Beautiful couple. Boy, did he get lucky.

Whether it was Shorty, or George Willingham two years later, it was ensured that everyone knew about Walter Crofter. And we studied his picture. The stories that I heard were of a man with great foresight, and character. And a man who went beyond what everyone called fair.

And this man, this James Sheffington... hmm... he looks a lot like Walter. And I remember that Walter had a son named James. We've all heard about the kidnapping of the son. Wouldn't it be interesting if this was his son?

I checked with Junior and he also saw a likeness.

Today, though, my mind was made up. We hit a storm, and one of our sayles ripped in the middle. The only saylor willing to save the sayle was James. His quick actions and timing certainly reminded me of the stories that Shorty and George told me about Walter. And the fact that James resembles that painting of Walter convinces me even more that this must be the lost son.

And now, I’m even more convinced that I and everyone on this boat will do whatever we can to protect him, and deliver him back to the Company and his family safely. ​

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