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The Protectors Series Series Blitz!

A grin played across her lips. She wiggled a little, surprised by her own actions. Was this the old Pam coming out? Was Duncan bringing her back to herself again?

- Duncan (#3 The Protectors) by Teresa Gabelman

The Series

The VC Warriors are an elite group of vampires who protect innocents, whether human or those of their own race. Each vampire, half-breed and human across The Protectors’ series, travel their own journey, finding love, building friendships and making sure they turn as many heads as possible doing it.

As the world of vampires and humans try to coexist, VC Warriors, Damon, Jared, Duncan, Sid and Adam, with Sloan and Slade not far behind, create an exciting new world filled with heat, humor and a whole heap of action.

Be sure to check out this five-star best-selling series now!

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Today, we have a fabulous interview held by Teresa Gabelman. She braved her vampire warriors and risked her neck to interview her men collectively, just for you. Enjoy!

Agreeing to interview all the VC Warriors at one time doesn’t seem like a good idea now. I always seem to get myself into these situations and as they all stare down at me, my nerves flare to the surface.

ME: *clears throat* Thanks for coming by guys. Becky has asked for some interviews for a blog tour and I thought it would be fun to do one interview with all of you.

JARED: *half smile curves his lips* You do know who we are….right?

SID: Obviously not. *He smirks with a wink* And why isn’t Becky here interviewing us herself. I know she has a thing for me and I could give her an interview she’d nerve forget.

ME: Because she’s in Australia…

JARED: Yeah, she’d never forget it because it would be me she wants to interview not you, asshole. I’m her favorite. *his growl echoes in my small living room*

ME: *Rolling my eyes, I sigh.* Come on, guys. I’m busy with Slade’s book and the hundred other things going on. I know you are even busier than me so let’s make this painless, okay? With all of you in the room, we can get it done quickly and Becky loves all of you guys.

JARED: Whatever you say, boss lady.

ME: Cool. Now just to let you know that most of these questions are coming from readers. *shuffles papers around* Okay, the first question is for Sloan. Have you always been a… *damn, wish I would have looked at these questions a little better. Glancing up at Sloan, I knew it is too late to change the question* a… ah….hard ass?

SLOAN: *Sloan frowns at the loud laughter coming from the Warriors. Sid being the loudest.* Shut the fuck up! *Sloan eyes every single one of them before turning his gaze to me* No, I haven’t. These idiots have made me a hard ass. I’m actually a nice guy. *The growl aimed toward the Warriors really makes that last statement hard to believe*

ME: *With a raise of my eyebrows, I hurry to the next question. Ah, okay. This isn’t going as planned. Glancing up at Slade, I cringe before even asking the question I also secretly I want to know the answer to* Slade, readers want to know why you are taking so long to make a move on Jill?

SID: Yeah, Slade, what is up with that? We all know you have a hard-… *Before Sid can finish, Slade has him pinned against the wall*

SLADE: Finish that sentence and it will be your last. *He pushes Sid harder, actually cracking the plaster on my newly painted wall*

ME: *Glancing around frantically, I see every Warrior grinning as they watch Sid and Slade at each other’s throats* Can someone please stop them before my house gets demolished? I just painted this room. *Damon and Jared, who laugh the whole time, finally pull them apart. Once settled, I try again.* Slade?

SLADE: There is nothing nor will there ever be anything between Jill and I. *With that, he slams out my front door*

JARED: Twenty bucks says they’re mated in a month.

SID: I’ll raise it twenty and say a couple of weeks.

DUNCAN: I’ll take that bet. *Duncan, who has been quiet up until now, pipes in*

ME: *Knowing I am losing control of the situation, I hurry to continue even though I want to take the bet also* This is to all of you. What would be your perfect day without your mates?

DAMON: No day is perfect without Nicole. *His deep voice, so powerful, rushes over me*

ME: *Looking around, I notice all the Warriors with mates nodding in agreement* Okay, fair enough. So let’s just say you sent her to the spa for the day. What would you be doing while she were there?

DAMON: Waiting for her return.

ME: *Again, I glance around at each mated Warrior and know without a doubt that is their answer also and try not to feel jealous.* Jared, many want to know if you will ever turn Tessa?

JARED: *Eyes, glowing hot, stare at me for a long minute.* No.

ME: *Waiting for more which doesn’t come I decide to try for more.* Why?

JARED: I thought this interview was to get to know us. *He growls, his glare warning me to move on*

ME: It is, but…. *A low growl reaches my ears telling me if I didn’t watch my step, Jared will follow Slade who has already walked out of the interview.* Okay, so tell me about you, Jared.

JARED: *His glare disappears as quickly as it appears, a slow grin tilting his lips* Now, that’s easy. I’m the most handsome with the best sense of humor as well as the greatest VC Warrior there has ever been.

*Moans and eye rolling go around the room. I even join in.*

SLOAN: Can we finish this up? We’ve been a little busy lately with the human and vampire war brewing. *His eyes rake over me as if I am a waste of his time, which pisses me off*

ME: You know when I first started Damon, I only planned on one book, but then all the Warriors were saying, “Write about me. Write my book. I want a book.” *Yes, my tone turns deep and whiny like a man to make my point even stronger, which by the glares, isn’t appreciated* New possible readers want to know about you and loyal readers want to hear from you. It’s not that complicated. *My tone is a little loud and annoyed, which is a side these Warriors haven’t really seen, but Becky and everyone is counting on me to get this done. Sloan’s hard stare has me biting my lip nervously, but I don’t back down*

SLOAN: *Without easing his glare, he crosses his arms* Okay, let me make it easy for you. Damon decapitates people; Jared thinks he’s funny, but he’s not; Duncan is quiet, but deadly with a sword; Sid is a pain in everyone’s ass and Slade doesn’t like questions.

ME: And what about you, Mr. Murphy? *Yes, I dare to ask*

SLOAN: *A half-grin replaces the deep scowl that has been playing across his lips as he stalks toward me. Stopping, he leans close to my ear, so close I can feel his breath against my ear.* That, boss lady, will have to wait until….. *His lips touch my cheek* my book.

ME: *I don’t get a chance to respond, as if I could after that. The Warriors follow Sloan out the door, but not before each Warrior places a kiss on my cheek. The last is Sid, who also kisses my cheek before tilting my chin up*

SID: Smile, boss lady. Remember, his book hasn’t been written. You can do all kinds of horrid things to him. I can even give you some ideas. *With a wink and loud laugh, he walks behind the others*

ME: *Blowing out the breath I’ve apparently been holding, I move the curtain out of the way just in time to watch them all ride off on their motorcycles* Well, that was a total fail. *snort* And people think I have control of the Warriors. *Heading toward my computer to type this so-called interview for Becky, an anxious feeling swirls in my stomach. Too bad Sloan’s book will be the last book. I have a sudden urge to know a little more about the mysterious Warrior.

Teresa Gabelman's fabulous series kicks of with Damon. With 350 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, this is most definitely a book with bite to check out.
Damon is always available at the lower price of 99c, so get hooked in the hot and witty world of The Protectors.

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