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Character Guest Post by Gnarly

An Interview with Gnarly, of the Mac Faraday Mysteries

Meet Gnarly, Mac Faraday’s canine side-kick!

1) Thank you so much for joining me today, Gnarly! Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to live with Mac?

Well, I started out in the Army, though they refuse to talk about me. I don’t have much nice to say about them either. Do you know they actually gave me—ME—a dishonorable discharge? Do you know I’m the only German shepherd that the army has dishonorably discharged? Do you know how bad that looks?

Of course, I’m not bitter about those bunch of … (growl)

We won’t talk about that.

Then, I went into the private security field. I ended up living with Katrina Singleton, this rich lady in Spencer, Maryland. She was being stalked. But would she listen to me when I said someone was outside watching her? No. She kept locking me in the garage because she thought I was a nuisance. But the lady who lived next door was real nice to me. She was a mystery writer. Her name was Robin Spencer. When I ended up almost dying trying to save Katrina’s life, Robin Spencer saved me. Sadly, she died a couple of months later and her son, Mac Faraday, a retired homicide detective, moved into her mansion. (see It’s Murder, My Son) It’s taken me a while to break Mac in with how I run things at Spencer Manor, but he’s coming along.

2) What's a typical day like for you?

There is no typical day at Spencer Manor. But I’ll try.

I like to get up at the crack of dawn. First thing I do is stomp on Mac’s chest to wake him up. The lazy slug doesn’t understand that perpetrators like squirrels and birds never take a day off. After I check the perimeter to make sure all is clear, I come in, and Mac serves breakfast and tries to go back to bed.

For some odd reason, Mac thinks that because he’s a multi-millionaire that he should have a life of privilege. I don’t think so. But it does work out. Sometimes, if he’s not fully awake yet, I manage to get some of his breakfast, too. Then, I go back outside to do my dog thing. Then, I come back in for my mid-morning nap. Then, I need lunch and go on another check of the perimeter—Mac really needs to invest in a dog door.

If I’m lucky, Mac will catch a case with the Spencer Police Department and take me for a ride along. But it isn’t just fun and games living among the rich and famous. I have a job to do and I’m always on-duty. My job is to watch Mac’s and Archie’s backs. Archie Monday is Mac’s lady love. She’s wonderful.

Mac must think so, too, because on our last case, he decided to marry her and they tried to elope. Do you know that human didn’t want me to go to their wedding? After all we’ve been through together. Well, if Archie, who is as sweet as she is gorgeous, hadn’t insisted on my being invited, then no one would have noticed that dead body in the church office … until buzzards started swarming above the church and his decomposing body started to stink. (A Wedding and a Killing)

Good thing you were there.

Darn tootin’.

3) What's the biggest trouble you've ever gotten into?

That’s a hard question to answer. There’s so many incidents to choose from. The latest always seems to be the biggest.

I’d have to say during Archie and Mac’s honeymoon on a small cruise ship off the coast of Alaska. After solving the case in Spencer, the murder of Eugene, the church trustee, they finally tied the knot. Well, Archie invited me to go with them on their honeymoon. Well, this Chilean Sea Bass disappeared and I happened to find it … not necessarily in that order. So then, this ship was rocking and I wasn’t feeling very good. So I thought confession would be good for the soul and my stomach and … let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

4) I understand you have 2 new books this year...can you tell us about them?

In Twelve to Murder, Mac was planning to spend a quiet weekend home alone with Archie Monday while I was spending a few days with a friend. But then, things went wrong when a middle aged couple were brutally murdered in their summer place on Deep Creek Lake. To any other detective, the case would be considered open and shut when it appears as if one of the victims has written her killer’s name in her blood—not so for Mac Faraday, who believed there was more to this case than meets the eye.

That name written in the blood was Lenny Frost. Do you know who that is?

The name does sound familiar.

He’s a former child-star and teen-idol. Well, a couple of hours after the bodies were found, Lenny Frost stepped into a pub in Deep Creek Lake to see his face on the television over the bar with the announcement that once again, he’s wanted … for the murder of his agent and her husband!

How does Lenny Frost react to this sudden celebrity? He takes everyone hostage and gives Mac Faraday twelve hours to find the real killer or he’s going to kill everyone in the bar. Of course, Mac and me were up to the task!

So then, our summer got kicked off with A Wedding and a Killing. Not wanting to wait until their big day to start their life of wedded bliss, Mac and his lady love, Archie Monday, decide to elope to the little church where his ancestors had all married—along the tranquil shore of Deep Creek Lake. However, before they can say, “I do,” the sanctuary erupts into chaos when I find a body in the church office.

5) Any idea what your upcoming adventures will entail?

Oh, yes! In Three Days to Forever, all of Spencer is getting ready for Mac and Archie’s big formal wedding ceremony to take place at midnight on New Year’s Eve when a professional hit squad descends on Spencer Manor three days before the wedding. Mac and I narrowly escape with Archie’s mother and one of Mac’s groomsmen, Joshua Thornton. We’re running for our lives while trying to figure out who is trying to kill us. It takes a combined effort of all of our friends and family to crack this case!

Look for this thrilling mystery in December!

6) Final thoughts for your adoring public?

Sure! You can read all about my adventures with Mac, Archie, and all of my friends in the Mac Faraday Mysteries. Visit best-selling mystery author Lauren Carr’s websites and blog at:



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