Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guest Post by Dr John and Elizabeth McIntosh

Name: Dr John and Elizabeth McIntosh

Title of Article : Are you really as Positive as you think?

Name of Book: “Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts”

Books on positive thinking have been around since Napoleon Hill and everyone knows that you should think positively. Most people consider that they do think positively – but do you really?

Recent research that we performed shows that not only do people have 15% less positivity than they judge, their positivity falls by over 40% when faced with life challenges even when not directly affecting them! Amazing…

Negative thoughts occur impulsively and therefore we call them “Negative Impulsive Thoughts” or NITs for short. NITs is also a term for head lice and interestingly both are irritating, hard to recognise and treat, and spread from person to person in epidemic proportions! Be warned, they occur in everyone every day – and that includes you!

As a medical practitioner (John) and counselor and therapist (Elizabeth), we have seen repeated instances of illness and suffering arising directly from negative thinking. Here is the solution.

The concept of NIT busters is ground-breaking and has never been done before!!!

You will learn 3 Magic Questions to recognise NITs and the Three Step Process to eliminate NITs. You will read about many real life adventures and have A-ha moments as you see things from a completely different perspective! We have used these strategies in our personal lives, with our children, our businesses and in other people’s businesses. It really works!

When you start to notice the negative thoughts inside your head, from others and from the media, you start to understand that we are facing a “NITs Epidemic”!

This is a philosophy that needs to be understood in every home around the world! It is a way of life and has the power to dramatically improve your life, your children’s lives and all those around you, as the ripples of positivity spread outwards around the globe!

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