Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Guilt Free Motherhood book Tour!

About the Book:

Title: Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health & Well-Being
Author: Amber Khan
Publisher: Rethink Press
Pages: 156
Genre: Nonfiction/Parenting/Motherhood
Format: Paperback/Kindle

“Own your happiness. Reclaim your well-being. Make a guilt-free lifestyle, your choice of living!

· Do you think being a 'super mum' is your only option?

· Do you neglect your own health while caring for others?

· Do you struggle to maintain a happy work/life balance?

· Do you often feel stressed and burnt-out? Then you may be suffering from 'Mummy Guilt'.

Guilt Free Motherhood will guide you to:

· Ignite your passion to bring balance to your life;

· Take practical steps towards self-care;

· De-clutter your space, schedules and relationships;

· Let go of the 'super mum' and the 'control freak' inside of you;

· Practical ways of recharging your batteries.

A mother's journey should not be, and need not be, a GUILT trip. Guilt Free Motherhood gives you the tools you need to start living a more contented, healthy and energised lifestyle today - right in the midst of motherhood.”
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Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5 Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health & Well-Being is available at Amazon US & Amazon UK.
Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.
Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.
Watch the book trailer at YouTube.
Read excerpt here.
 My Review
This book for me definitely struck home. I was raised by a very strong woman who worked and in my mind I always thought I would work even after I had kids. Then my first came along and I realized that I did not want to work right away. Then we had more and it became financially better for me to stay home with the kids. Even though I know we are doing the best for our I still have guilt.
This book I felt like that I could have written it. For me though it was hard reading. I know all of these things, but seeing them in writing made it hard.
This book does have some good suggestions on how to better yourself. I will be trying to add more of these to my life and live happier with what I have.

About the Author

Amber Khan is a Lifestyle Mentor, Speaker, Author, sports enthusiast and a proud mum of three.

She is the founder of Guilt Free Living which provides tools for the mothers to help them live a fulfilling, healthy & energised lifestyle.

She has ran retreats, given talks and written articles on the importance of wellness and how to re-energise the tired minds and bodies of mothers.

Amber currently resides in London, UK with her husband and their three children.

Her latest book is the nonfiction/parenting/motherhood book, Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health & Well-Being.

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Visit Amber Khan’s website.
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Find out more about Amber at Goodreads.
Visit Amber’s blog.

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