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Book Title: A Lovely Reality 
Author: Barbara Cutrera 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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Book Blurb

In this thrilling sequel to A Lovely Dream, Seneca and Michael battle to survive a plot initiated by a murderous man from Michael’s past. Innocent people fall prey to the psychopathic killer, who then kidnaps Michael. Seneca must save the man she loves and keep their children, family, and friends safe from harm. Her determination to find Michael before it’s too late leads her into a dark world where espionage and murder are accepted and expected. Forced to trust a dangerous man who has his own agenda, Seneca has to use every resource available to her in order to bring Michael home to the lovely reality they created before his disappearance.


It was nighttime, and Michael and I were walking down a street in a city I didn’t recognize. He had an arm around my shoulders, and I had one arm around his waist. We were laughing, talking, and having a great time simply being together.

As we reached a narrow alleyway, Michael pulled me off the street and into it. The alley was pitch-black. I asked him what he thought he was doing, and he replied that he didn’t think he was doing anything. What he was going to do was make love to me.

“Here? Michael, we can’t.”

“Oh yes we can,” he countered, as he lowered his lips to my throat and wasted no time slipping one hand up under my short skirt. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I gasped and reached for his belt. He laughed and undid my blouse as I unzipped his fly and asked, “What if people hear us?”

“Would it bother you if they did?”

Had there been any light in the alley, I knew I would have glimpsed his smile and would have seen the feral look in his expression.


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Meet the Author

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Born and raised in Louisiana, Barbara Cutrera was destined to be a storyteller. The author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, fiction, and mystery novels, she became addicted to reading and creative writing at an early age. She moved to Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband, son, and Cairn terrier in 2004 and enjoys its relaxed, diverse atmosphere. Barbara, who is visually impaired, believes our minds are only limited by the restrictions we place upon them. She has a passion for writing, reading, family, friends, music, Nutella, and A & W Cream Soda.

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