Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Dream called Marilyn Book Tour!

About the Book:

Title: A Dream Called Marilyn
Author: Mercedes King
Publisher: Triumph Productions
Pages: 177
Genre: Historical / Modern Historical / Psychological Thriller
Format: Kindle

In the summer of 1962, nothing could prepare Dr. Charles Campbell for his first meeting with new client, Marilyn Monroe. A reputable L.A. psychiatrist, he’s been hired by a studio executive to treat and subdue the star, no matter what it takes. Although he’s been warned about Ms. Monroe’s unpredictability, she’s not what he expected. Gaining Marilyn’s trust means crossing doctor-patient boundaries, and trying to separate fact from Hollywood-fed-rumors proves destructive to both Charles’ career and his personal life. As Marilyn shares her secrets and threatens to go public with information that could destroy President Kennedy’s administration, Charles’ world turns upside-down. He sinks deeper into her troubles than he should, but Charles becomes determined to help her, even though it means endangering Marilyn’s life and risking his own.
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My Review
Dr Campbell is hired to treat Marilyn Monroe. He declares to himself that he will not let anything keep him from being professional. The problem is that he needs her to trust him, which means he has to step over the line. Things just keep spiraling and lives become at risk.
I love historical books. This was a short book but still packed with an amazing story. I always love reading about historical thrillers. I haven't read much about Marilyn, so this was definitely interesting. This story drew you in until the very last page.

About the Author

A founding member of Sisters in Crime Columbus, Ohio (affectionately dubbed SiCCO), Mercedes King can be found elbow-deep in research, reading, or enjoying the local bike path. Combining her love of pop culture with history, she created A Dream Called Marilyn, a fictional take on the last weeks of Marilyn’s life. With an unquenchable thirst for a bygone era, she’s also written O! Jackie, a fictional take on Jackie Kennedy's private life--and how she dealt with JFK's affairs. Short story fans would enjoy The Kennedy Chronicles, a series featuring Jackie and Jack before the White House and before they were married. Visit Mercedes’ website at to find out more.

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  1. Thank you, Arlene, for the review. Like you, I learned a lot about Marilyn through (writing) this book. She's such an enduring icon. It's unfortunate we'll never know the truth about what happened to her. But regardless, admiration for her and her work lives on. Thanks again!!

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