Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gracie's Secret Review

Title: Gracies Secret
Author Name: Lorelie Rozzano

Author Bio: My name is Lorelie Rozzano and I'm a recovering addict. Seventeen years ago I took the most difficult walk of my life through the doors of a local treatment centre. I found in recovery, what Id been looking for in alcohol and drugs. Finally, my skin fit! I'm an author, mother, wife, grandmother, foster parent, sister, family counsellor and daughter. Growing up in an alcoholic home I understand first-hand, the importance of a healthy family. I began working at the Edgewood Treatment Centre for addiction in 1998 and have had the privilege of working with both patients and their families. I'm passionate about helping others whose lives like mine, have been affected by addiction. In the past few years I've created a blog, Jagged Little Edges living in a world of hope, and written three fiction books: Gracies Secret, Jagged Little Edges, and Jagged Little Lies. My hope is that the honesty found in my books and and on my blog, will help those dealing with unhealthy behaviours and addiction. After all, I truly believe if I can get clean, anyone can. I'm currently working on book three in the Jagged series

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Book Genre: Childrens Ficton
Publisher: Edgewood Publishing
Release Date: July 29, 2014

Book Description:

Meet Grace. At nine years old she has a big secret. Grace knows first-hand that life can be difficult. Her parents aren't very happy. Their arguing is giving her a stomach ache. She spends a lot of time alone, worrying. Are her parents problems her fault? Had she done something wrong? Grace pretends everything is fine, but it's not. She feels helpless and has learned that making things up is easier than telling the truth. One big question haunts her every day. Will her family ever be happy again?

This book is perfect for a child with a difficult home life. Divorce, addiction, mental health issues and more can cause children to feel alone, anxious and afraid. Gracie's Secret addresses this by showing kids they aren't alone, and that they can feel better. With a workbook section for kids to understand their own issues and a message that talking to a safe person will help, Gracie's story can help kids cope.


"Grace wished she could take Cameron and run far away. She held him close and hummed, hoping to cover the noise of their parent's yelling so he could fall asleep.

Her stomach was hurting again.

The raised voices below them were joined by a crash. She plugged her ears.

Her bedroom was so dark she thought it might swallow her up.

Grace closed her eyes, trying to stay calm as she imagined what was going downstairs. Her eyes blinked back open, not able to stay closed. She remained upright in bed for most the night."

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