Thursday, January 23, 2014


So while I love snow, I have had my fill of winter. On Tuesday we got 9 inches of snow here and were snowed into our house. My van does not have good tires so when we try to leave (our house has two steep hills one on each side) my van just slides backwards. Its annoying.

So today our boys were supposed to go to the doctors to get their flu shots when we wake up to see at least 2 more inches of snow on the ground. 2 MORE INCHES!!! So now we had to cancel the appoints and reschedule. Which frustrates me because its an hour away and who likes getting 4 kids ready at 8 am to drive an hour to get shots.

It doesn't help that today I am so tired. My 2 year old decided at 1 am to wake up and not go back to bed until 3:47. Which at that time when I got him into my bed my 7 month old decided he didn't want to sleep anymore and wanted to play with mommy and crawl around. So around 5 I finally got to go to sleep.

Today was a watching Netflix day. Had hot dogs and bratwurst with homemade buns for lunch. Then for dinner we had homemade muffins from the freezer and popcorn. Might not be the best but some days you just need a rest day.

This was from the front of our house on tuesday. I think after this we got 3-6 more inches. Its pretty but a pain.

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