Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One of Those Cooking Days!

So I woke up today just knowing that I did not want to cook. I have been spending everyday, all day (or what feels like all day) cooking or planning meals. Its gotten to the point where when my 7 month old is looking for me he crawls to the kitchen and sits and waits for me.

Anyway, Thankfully for lunch we had pizza crust frozen so I just had to top pizzas and bake. But for dinner I wanted breakfast. Well I decided to make these blender pancakes I have made many times before that everyone loves.
Well they sucked. I could not get the wheat berries to blend so I ended up with crunch pancakes. I mean like crunchier than crunchy peanut butter crunchy. I don't think I have ever used that word in a sentence so many times. They looked pretty though and I was able to flip them and they stayed a circle lol.

Oh well I put them in the freezer because my kids love frozen pancakes for breakfast. They will not let me warm them up either. They either eat frozen breakfast foods or oatmeal! Nothing else and if you warm them up out of habit or tiredness they melt down and you have to put them back in the freezer and get them a different frozen on. Kids can be strange sometimes.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better but all the boys are getting flu shots so I don't know......

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