Friday, August 10, 2018

The Last Lie She Told. New release

Title: The Last Lie She Told
Series: Lies and Misdirection #1
Author: K. J. McGillick
Publisher: KJRM LLC Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 7, 2018


Lies and misdirection rule the game.

To some, Fiona O’Dell is clever and manipulative. To others, she is a dangerous sociopath. One thing is certain - she’s trouble wherever she goes. Now she has vanished from her job, but not before being seen leaving a motel room where one man is found dead, another on the edge of death. Is this grizzly crime scene a BDSM encounter gone wrong? Or is it related to a company data breach where all three are employed? 

Private security expert Lee Stone and NYPD Detective Belle Hughes are assigned to the case. In a race to find Fiona, they track her across four states and shocked to find men from her past are being murdered. With little information and even less evidence, each new crime scene brings more questions than answers.

While secrets are revealed, there is only one conclusion: Fiona controls the game, the players, even the course of the investigation. The danger escalates, and the game must be mastered, or all fall victim to it. As Lee and Belle struggle to put all the pieces together, the two investigators find their relationship heats up as they are drawn to each other. Looking for a murder mystery with a feisty female detective that’s filled with twists and turns? Explore The Last Lie She Told for a thrill ride that leaves you guessing until the end.
So this book was packed full of mystery andaction. Throughout the whole book I was kept guessing about what was really going on. You meet Lee right away. Usually retired cops turned private sector are kinda jerks. Lee was not. He seemed like a nice guy who had been hurt and was just trying to figure out his life. I like that he was a lead character but wasn't a I am better than all women character. Although there were a few of those that served one purpose or another. Then you meet bella. I liked her. She was strong and smart. I was sad how she was treated with her job. It seemed like a stereotypical way of going, but it worked for the story. Each chapter through the book is told through a different characters point of view. I usually dont like that, but it worked and was needed in this story. The author did great about making sure that there was no skipping around when it changed point of views. The story flowed well.
Everytime you thought you had the story figured out more twists were thrown in. My biggest problem was that there were to many twist. Sometimes there were twist during the twist after some other twists. I had to re read a lot to figure out what was going on. But I will definitely give book 2 a try.

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Author Bio

K. J. McGillick was born in New York and once she started to walk she never stopped running. But that's what New Yorker's do. Right?

As she evolved so did her career choices. After completing her graduate degree in nursing she spent many years in the university setting sharing the dreams of the enthusiastic nursing students she taught. After twenty rewarding years in the medical field she attended law school and has spent the last twenty-four years as an attorney helping people navigate the turbulent waters of the legal system. Not an easy feat. And now? Now she is sharing the characters she loves with readers hoping they are intrigued by her twisting and turning plots and entertained by her writing.

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