Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guest Post for Carson Chance P.I Book Tour!

About the Book:

Title: Carson Chance, P.I., Over the Edge
Author: N.E. Brown
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pages: 269
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Nook

Set against the rock and roll era of the early 1960’s, when casual sex and recreational drugs were the norm, a chance meeting on a road trip finds twenty-four year old Carson Chance smitten with a young female hitchhiker he gives a ride to. Sparks fly as the two loners reach out to each other for companionship. They are like two pages torn from the same book that fit together perfectly, only Carson doesn’t know it.
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Guest Post

I found my niche in writing shortly after I retired from a long career in real estate. It was after Christmas in 2012 and I was facing the rest of my life with no job and no real plans for the future. I had written lots of advertising, poetry, real estate articles and some short stories. The idea of writing a novel seemed beyond my reach, but I decided to give it a try. Once I began, the words inside me began spilling onto the pages.

I read somewhere that you should write what you know. History has always been dear to my heart and having lived through the 1960’s and knowing a private detective personally, Carson Chance became my protagonist. I lost several high school friends in the Viet Nam War and those that returned came back with PTSD.

Love, lost relationships, people I’ve met just passing through, have all given me insight into most of the characters in my book. A piece of each one of them is woven into my characters.

I love it when my readers send me a note and tell me that they feel like they knew one of the characters in my book. One reader even told me she was married to a “Carson Chance” and he was the love of her life.

About the Author

After a successful career in real estate, N. E. Brown retired and began pursuing her passion for writing. She has authored and published four successful historical fiction novels about life in early Galveston. Her most recent book, Carson Chance, P.I., Over the Edge, takes place in Dallas, Texas, during the 1960s. It is not only available in paperback and e-books, but is now an audio book.

Having been a legal secretary during that time in Dallas, her eye for detail brings about a memorable life experience between two young people who are destined to find love a real challenge.

Being a native Texan, Ms. Brown’s love of Texas history inspires her to create true-to-life fictional characters from the past. She is currently working on two new novels, one being Book 5 of her Galveston, 1900, Indignities series. Ms. Brown resides in Tyler, Texas, with her husband.

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