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Prince Iggy book reviews

About the Book

Title: Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer | Author: Aldo Fynn Illustrator: Richie Vicencio | Publication Date: November 5,2013 | Publisher: Boa Press, LLC. | Pages: 172 | Recommended Ages: 8 to 12

Summary: All Iggy Rose wants is for the kids at the Naysayer Academy to like him, and one special girl in particular. But instead, he gets teased and taunted. Every day, he eats alone in the cafeteria and gets beaten up after school on the playground. But when a cruel prank leads to Iggy’s escape from the academy, a wild, unimaginable adventure begins.

Why is King Naysayer offering a hefty reward for Iggy’s capture? When Iggy joins forces with an eclectic cast of characters, he discovers the answer. But before he can escape from the kingdom of Naysayer, Iggy must first reclaim what is rightfully his. Does this sad, lonely boy have the courage to battle the biggest school bully, a mean headmistress, and a greedy, cruel king? Will Iggy finally believe in himself and discover his true destiny?

Review 4/5

So Iggy washes ashore onto the kingdom of Naysayer when his is a bay. This kingdom raises it's children to steal and be mean. Iggy is not like them and he gets bullied and beat up everyday. One day the king notices that Iggy has a red ring that he wants. He steals,it from Iggy and then the class throws him down a trash shot. Then Iggy gets rescued and finds out he is a prince. Next thing he knows he is being searched for and he is the only way they can escape.
So I read this to my boys (they are still young though) and they enjoyed it and found it funny. I am looking forward to reading it to them as they get older. It was a very good story and written very well. As a child I was bullied so I can relate to this story. I loved it and I am looking forward to reading the next installment.


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About the Book

Title: Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions | Author: Aldo Fynn Illustrator: Richie Vicencio | Publication Date: November 10, 2013 | Publisher: Boa Press, LLC. | Pages: 161 | Recommended Ages: 8 to 12

Summary: Kirkus Reviews called the second book in the Adventures of Price Iggy, “a satisfying sequel to a memorable first book featuring an unprepossessing hero who might just become a household name.” This quirky and fast paced story with 30+ illustrations is ideal for middle grade readers and adults looking for a different kind of hero. Foreword Clarion wrote “delightful, adventurous story…Fynn uses this volume to address adolescent anxiety and self-doubt.” and IndieReader concluded Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions “offers excitement and surprises to keep young readers engaged.”

Iggy and his friends set sail for the Rose Kingdom. But Iggy isn’t sure if he has what it takes to really be a prince. Well, he’s about to find out…

When the Lucky Rose 2 blasts off into space, Iggy meets the Rose Star and literally has an out-of-body experience. And that’s just the beginning. His adventures include confronting a hungry shark face-to-face, dancing in a live-or-die talent competition, and battling a blue dragon with very clean teeth.

And when Iggy finally makes it to the Rose Kingdom, Queen Victoria refuses to give up the throne. If Iggy wants to become ruler of the Rose Kingdom, he must enter the Tower of Decisions. Only problem is, very few people make it out alive…

Review: 4/5

 So the story picks up with Iggy leaving the kingdom of Naysayer. He comes across the red star who wants to trade places with him. They trade and then the red star (inside iggys body) heads to the Rose kingdom to be human. The queen though decides to try and kill Iggy so he doesn't take her place. They go through the tower of decision but it's not a fair run.

So again the story was very good and teaches a wonderful lesson. I think it would have been better as two separate books. It was a little long for my boys so we will put it aside for a little while. I loved it though and am looking forward to reading more about Prince Iggy.

Buzz About the Book

“A satisfying sequel to a memorable first book featuring an unprepossessing hero who might just become a household name.” Kirkus Reviews

“Like the first installment, Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer, the titular character finds himself in a fantastical world of magic and adventure, yet he is plagued by the same troubles of other kids his age. Whereas the first book tackles issues of bullying and perseverance, Fynn uses this volume to address adolescent anxiety and self-doubt.” Foreword Clarion Review

“Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions offers a magical adventure and some wonderful lessons for young children.” ~ Indie Reader


About the Author: Aldo Fynn

Aldo FynnAldo Fynn enjoys writing wacky, fantastical stories. Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer is his debut novel. It’s the first book in theAdventures of Prince Iggy Series. He’s also written two wacky, laugh-out-loud picture books. He lives under his desk and promises he won’t come out until Book 3 in the series is complete. Which is a shame because his desk is based in Los Angeles, where it’s sunny and 70 degrees most of the year.

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