Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Storm

So I was supposed to have my OB appointment this morning but woke up to a thunder sleet storm going on outside. There is so much sleet on the ground that if you didn't know that it was sleet you would think it snowed here (which doesn't happen often in Nixa). Luckily the doctors office called all their patients and let them reschedule if they wanted.
So instead we enjoyed some family time watching some Netflix and my husband even ventured outside with the older 2 boys. They had fun until my oldest kept falling and hurting his hands on the sleet. I am enjoying my time sitting at the computer finding recipes to print out and use. Trying to figure out a meal plan when you are pregnant is not easy since what sounds good to me changes daily!
Now going to print off some recipes and get stuff for dinner ready and maybe make some coffee!
This was my yard this morning and we have gotten even more sleet since!

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