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Romantic Recovery Book Tour

Title: Romantic Recovery

Author Name: Waterford Adams

Book Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long Term Relationships; Self-Help : General

Publisher: Bookpal

Release Date: 9/25/2012

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Book Description: "Romantic Recovery" is a study of the modern relationships game, revealing the drama in the lives of the characters who perform within it. Showcasing eight well-known players: - Failed Family - Daddy's Girl - Cheating Partner - Posing Friend - Mummy's Boy - Sexual Predator - Bully - Fanatic this is a unique journey through the thrilling Contest of Recovery where females and males score points in deciding the fate of 64 relationship dilemmas. As a finale, there is an intimate eight-day diary with questions and answers designed to benefit singles or couples on a personal quest for romantic recovery.


The failed family is the seat where generosity is dispensed in erratic doses from nestling status through to old age. It lacks reform. The family failure creates a group of infants who convince anyone who is afraid, that less is much more than they deserve.

Our well being within this family unit is on high alert. While we may pursue a commission of excellence and social standing, close scrutiny reveals we bear the scars of bewilderment, manipulation and heavily accented progaganda.

The parents in a failed family corrupt with sentiment. They seduce their children with a measure of affection and mix it with a dash of disguised michief. They live and breathe self-contempt because they themselves have been disabled by lies.

There is little to be gained from the failed family portrait as it stands. The foundations are crudely formed. The stays and props displayed are listing badly with the trauma of old fear and unexamined pain which holds each family member to ransom.

This kind of conditioning can imprint itself upon us from very early days. It is difficult to escape being caught in its enmeshment. While ever we remain a captive, we cannot find and protect our dream.

Author Bio:

As co-authors Waterford Adams, we are sisters with a British cultural heritage, who were born in Australia and spent our early years in rural and remote outback regions of Queensland. During our personal histories we have lived and worked in many and various situations, and have learned through adversity that pain is a brilliant teacher. Now in our mature years and with an honourable working relationship, we specialize in the promise of romantic recovery through an ongoing commitment to peacemaking. The collective outcome of this proposal is strengthened by our individual contributions.

WATERFORD: As a registered nurse in public hospitals, I received extensive experience in observing and treating trauma and recovery. Additional periods of real life research have encouraged me to strive to locate the definitive cause of less noticeable trauma. During this study, I have developed through a foundation of insight, the wisdom to appreciate that unidentified emotional pain, if not addressed, is re-created in the form of various discordant and abusive relationship behaviours. My contribution to this book has been refined and inspired over fifteen years.

ADAMS: Teaching for nineteen years in state high schools, with further professional involvement in human relationships education, school camps, term dances and the senior formal, I had the opportunity to study young adults and gain insights into their struggles. The additional years I worked as a telephone counsellor developed my natural intuition, giving me instinctive perception in personal pain and relationship issues. My contribution to this book is to offer a potential for its readers to secure greater awareness through self discovery.

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