Friday, February 20, 2015

Depression and your Child Book Tour

About the Book:

Seeing your child suffer in any way is a harrowing experience for any parent. Mental illness in children can be particularly draining due to the mystery surrounding it, and the issue of diagnosis at such a tender age. Depression and Your Child is an award-winning book that gives parents and caregivers a uniquely textured understanding of pediatric depression, its causes, its symptoms, and its treatments. Author Deborah Serani weaves her own personal experiences of being a depressed child along with her clinical experiences as a psychologist treating depressed children.

2013 Gold Medal Book of the Year Award – IndieFab (Psychology Category)

2014 Silver Medal Book of the Year Award – Independent Publishing (Parenting Category)

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 My Review
This book was so very very good. As I started reading this book I realized that I was able to relate to alot of what she was saying. There are moments when I find myself struggling. I like that she relates her own experiences and helps encourage you to seek help if needed.
She reminds parents that sometimes there is no fault but its just there and needs to be taken care of.
She gives you a chart of normal behaviors that kids in each age group should be learning/doing. 
At the end of each chapter there is a case study that gives you a real life understanding.

Plus at the end there is so many resources that can be utilized if you feel that your children have any of these issues.
I can not explain how informative I found this book. It is definitely a must read. Especially if you have a history of depression and children.

About the Author

Dr. Deborah Serani the author of the award-winning books “Living with Depression” and “Depression and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers.” She is also a go-to media expert on a variety of psychological issues. Her interviews can be found in ABC News, Newsday, Women’s Health & Fitness, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Beast, The Associated Press, and radio station programs at CBS and NPR, just to name a few. She writes for Psychology Today, helms the "Ask the Therapist" column for Esperanza Magazine and has worked as a technical advisor for the NBC television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. A psychologist in practice twenty five years, Dr. Serani is also a professor at Adelphi University.

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