Monday, February 9, 2015

One of our favorite Quick Lunches!

Do you ever have them days where you do not feel like doing anything. No cooking or cleaning, just sitting under a blanket watching a movie or reading.

Thats how I felt today. Maybe its because my hubby works his weird 1;30-930 shift or the fact that it has not stopped snowing. I mean it is just snow ALL day!

Plus I have crazy children who have spent all day hitting, fighting and just general chaos.

So On days like this or whenever my hubby just happens to be gone alot I like to make something easy that I know will be a hit.

One of my favorite places to find recipes is 100 Days of Real Food. For this recipe I found it in her awesome new cookbook. It is for Cinnamon Raisin quick bread from her cookbook.

This is something we usually make at least once a week as a quick lunch. Today though we made it a little different

Things we did differently.
1) The recipe calls for using applesauce but I never have any that my kids are not eating. So I used 2 bananas past their prime and a little bit of purred pumpkin to replace it,

2) We never use raisins. This is because while we love raisins in trail mix or by themselves, we find them gross in bread  lol. So we leave them out but I do not think it really affects the bread not having them in there.

3) We used chia seeds instead of eggs. This one has to do with saving money. We go through 4 dozen eggs every week or so. When we make scrambled eggs we usually use 10 eggs. So I have been looking for something to use instead that will still give me good baked goods. You put 1 TBSP of chia seeds with 3 TBSP of water and let it sit for 15 minutes and it replaces 1 egg. I replaced both eggs in this recipe and it was still amazing and no body knew any different.

4)I used coconut oil instead of butter. Mainly because I have so much coconut oil and I bake alot with butter. Plus butter can be very expensive so I try and save it for things I really want buttery :)

5) We did not use Maple Syrup. We used Agave Nectar instead. This is a personal preference. I do not like to cook using maple syrup as my sweetener. We make alot of pancakes and waffles so we prefer to sweeten our bakes goods with something else. We usually use agave nectar or oganic sugar if we can not omit the sugar all together.

Even with our changes it was very good.

See doesn't it look pretty!

We mixed up some cream cheese with a little sugar as the spread and had some fruit and made a very yummy, quick and healthy lunch. I would recommend making it earlier than you need it because it is really hard to cut when warm. Trust me.

Do you always stick exactly to recipes or do you like to try and fit them to your life?

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