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A Bridge Home Book tour with Excerpt

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A Bridge Home
(Back to Bluestone River #3)
By Virginia McCullough
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
August 1, 2020 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Will a new beginning…

Lead to forever?

What good is a home without a family? School principal Eric Wells finally has the house he’s always wanted, but a painful childhood makes him question his ability to be a father. So when his high school crush Amy Morgan returns to Bluestone River with her troubled daughter, he’s surprised to find he wants to be there for both of them. Will Amy finally give him a chance?

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Once they decided to enter the Snowball Fair’s snow-people contest, Amy watched Cassie steadily work to turn the blob of snow into a larger and larger ball. Her face looked both determined and blissfully happy. Amy stopped what she was doing to take it all in. During cherished moments like these, all the worries about Cassie melted away and Amy could relax and just enjoy being a mom.

Between the three of them, it didn’t take long to get a giant snowball for the body and one for the head. “I think that’s big enough, Cassie,” Eric called. “Time to give this lady her head.”

Amy picked up the smaller ball and plunked it on top of the body.

“Okay, are you two ready to be impressed?” Eric teased, smiling at Cassie.

Cassie nodded. Amy held back a laugh when she saw what Eric was up to.

“Well, then, watch this.” Eric rolled into place two long thin rolls of snow and tucked them up against the body. Then he packed the snow into a firmer shape and carefully crossed one piece over the other. Suddenly, the snow lady was sitting on the ground with crossed legs.

“Look at her, Mom.” Cassie clapped her hands. “Hardly any snow people have legs, but ours does.” Her eyes widened. “I can make feet so she can wear the shoes we got from the dress up bins.”

“Very clever,” Amy said. “I’m impressed.”

Cassie used both hands to pack snow and shape it into two blocks that would pass for feet. Amy took out her phone and captured Cassie putting Mary Janes on the snow lady, with Eric standing next to her with a huge smile on his face. Then she and Cassie arranged the hat on their creation and stuck the red and yellow flowers in the brim. 

“Uh-oh, she doesn’t have a waist.” Cassie held up the sequined belt she’d also found in bins of items they could use to make their snow-people.

“We’ll have to make one for her,” Eric said. “Let’s see.” He took one end of the belt and Cassie had the other and they wrapped it around the middle part of the snowball body and cinched it.

“Wonderful,” Amy said as she took pictures of the almost finished product while Eric and Cassie went back to the supply bins available to contestants. They pulled out a couple of dowels for arms, sunglasses and red wax lips for a mouth. Eric declared the lady finished when Cassie hung the red purse over the dowel.

“So smart to wear sunglasses on this bright, sunny day,” Amy said, taking a final picture of Eric and Cassie looking triumphant standing with the snow lady between them. She sent a couple of her best photos to Eric’s phone. “Her crossed legs and shoes make her very special, Cassie.”

“I love her,” Cassie exclaimed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. “She’s Miss Sparkle, the best snow lady ever.”

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About the Author

Born and raised in Chicago, Virginia McCullough has been lucky enough to develop her writing career in many locations, including the coast of Maine, the mountains of North Carolina, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and currently, Northeast Wisconsin. She started her career in nonfiction, first writing articles and then books as a ghostwriter and coauthor. She’s written more than 100 books for physicians, business owners, professional speakers and many others with information to share or a story to tell.

Virginia’s books feature characters who could be your neighbors and friends. They come in all ages and struggle with everyday life issues in small-town environments that almost always include water—oceans, lakes, or rivers. The mother of two grown children, you’ll find Virginia with her nose a book, walking on trails or her neighborhood street, or she may be packing her bag to take off for her next adventure. And she’s always working on another story about hope, healing, and second chances.

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