Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Love Smoothies!

Smoothies for me are great for breakfast, snacks or another meal. Suprisingly my kids are not fans of smoothies! I mean they love yogurt but not smoothies. Except for kid 3 he always steals my smoothies.
So awhile ago I started reading about adding greens to my smoothies. They were supposed to be healthier and you wouldn't be able to tell. I was skeptical because well vegetables in smoothies just sound weird. Anyway I gave it a try and we liked it! Even my boys loved it, especially kid 2 who is picky and might not even eat his favorite foods!
This has become our favorite. It has a green leaf mix (spinach, beet leafs and kale), strawberries, blueberries, yogurt & honey. I made a whole blender and still had to give up some of my smoothie to my boys.
Smoothies are a great thing to make. Experiment with your favorite fruits, veggies, milk/yogurt/water/juice. You can add protien powder, flax seed and so on. Try it you might surprise yourself and your kids!

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