Saturday, May 10, 2014

Is it almost Mothers Day already! Plus a new family favorite.

I cant believe that Mothers day is tomorrow. My hubby is working a double today so I am here trying not to go crazy with boredom and tiredness. Its rainy today so we are all stuck inside and that makes my little ones stir crazy.
We recently got back from our vacation in MO and I have been trying to stock up on food and get my menu back up and running again. It was fun to be down there visiting family. I miss the warm days but I do not miss the tornadoes.
So I made a couple freezer meals for when the hubby goes away for AT and prep for tomorrows lunch. Then on to the never ending laundry. I swear I do not know how such little people make so much dirty laundry!
Well here is a recipe I found on one of my nightly Pintrest scans and customized based on what I had. It has become a new favorite around here.
I found the recipe on Yellow Bliss Road its called One Pot Cheesy Chicken Pasta. Now I used this as a guideline but added and took out what I wanted. It was really good and I almost didn't have enough to save for the hubby to take to work.
So first I added some olive oil to the pan to heat up. Then added some dried minced onion and minced garlic.
Don't mind the pot. Been trying to figure out how to get these stains out for awhile.
While it was heating up I got out my broth. Since I forgot to label my jars before I put them in the fridge one was chicken and the other was veggie. Was still good lol. Then I got out the jar of leftover sloppy joe from my freezer. It was probably about 1/2 of the recipe in the jar. 

Since I wasn't using canned Manwich I found out that 1 can of water equals 1 1/2 cups of water.

After I had everything out, unthawed and the pan was ready it was time to pour everything in. We used shell noodles because my 5yr old insisted and I really didn't mind.

Smelled so good already and reminded me of hamburger helper. I decided to not add chicken since I did not have any out. Also I thought it would taste weird with the sloppy joe mix.

Decided to add some tomato sauce to the recipe since it was sloppy joe based. Plus I only had this little amount left and it was sitting in the fridge lol.

After the noodles cooked and it thickened I added the cheese. I used cheddar and Colby jack because that is what I had. We were runny low on cheese since it never really last long in this house.

My little helper decided he needed to use both oven mitts to help me stir and serve dinner. Isn't he just the cutest!

The final product was so good and it really only took 30 mins,

What are some of your favorite meals?

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