Friday, May 16, 2014

All Quiet on the Western Plains Book Review. Plus Giveaway!

Title: All Quiet on the Western Plains
Author: Isabella Hargreaves
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: May 1, 2014

English nurse Fleur Armitage wants to escape all reminders of the Great War, which killed family, friends and patients - by living as far from its reminders as possible - in outback Queensland. Jack Edgarson is a war hero, pastoralist and damaged man. Suffering from nightmares and sleep walking, he fears he may harm someone, so lives in isolation. Through a chance meeting, their lives become entangled. They come to share a love of the wide western plains, but dare they love each other?

Fleur and Jack both were in the war. Fleur as a nurse and Jack as a solider. Fate brings them together years later. Both unknowing of the the other being in the war. Jack is still suffering from the war. He secluded himself because he can not trust himself with all the nightmares.
Here comes Fleur and she is trowing his would upside down. He doesn't understand why his mouth keeps inviting her around. Both of them suffer so much and they are so shut off from letting others in. Are they going to let each other in when they are obviously so perfect for each other.
This was a beautiful love story. It was a short story and very well written. I love how they were able to see past the pain and love each other. A great read if you love romance!

Isabella Hargreaves is an Australian author of historical romances. While growing up in Brisbane, she read historical fact and fiction, but that wasn’t enough, so she became a historian and spends every work day researching and writing about people, places and events from the past. Now she combines her love of history and romance in writing historical romances. Recently, Steam eReads published her prize-winning, Regency historical novel, The Persuasion of Miss Jane Brody. Since then it has been short-listed in the ‘Favourite Historical Romance’ category of the Australian Romance Readers Awards.





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