Friday, March 14, 2014

Homemade seasonings and condiments help unless you are sick.

So we have been trying to make our condiments and seasoning blends to be healthier and save money. It works pretty well once we found recipes for all the things we like. Its fun to try out new recipes and finally finding that one that keeps the store bought junk out of my fridge,

Now when I am sick it makes things a little harder. My boys got sick this weekend and then unfortunately I got sick. Which in this house means that we don't eat as healthy and I do not get the chance to make the extras I need.

Here are some of my favorites

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix from Heavenly Homemaker
My 2 favorite was to use this mix is for dip and Ranch chicken. We take 2tbsp of the mix and add it to a 2 cup container of Greek yogurt and keep it in the fridge for dip. The only thing we haven't tried with the mix yet is actual dressing for salad.
Love to use my mortal & pestle to get my mixes finer 

My ranch dip ready for the fridge

I found this recipe on pintrest and it is pretty good. Now it is a sweeter bbq sauce recipe and I recommend to make this at least the day before. This is because it taste really sweet if it doesn't have time to sit. We used this again a couple days after we made it and it was a lot better.

Homemade Ketchup from Skinnytaste
This has become our staple ketchup recipe. As you can see we put it in an old ketchup bottle to make it easier to use. We always triple the recipe because we use it so much. The recipe calls for sugar and honey. We use just honey and leave out the sugar and it still taste great. I like it better because I am not a fan of sweet ketchup.

I have been making chicken broth for awhile and decided to try making veggie broth. I dont know why I waited for so long because it is so simple. Cut up all veggies and let it simmer for an hour. Then drain and put broth in jars and wait until it cools and freeze. I am hoping to get a pressure cooker and can these to make freezer room.

Homemade Mustard from Chocolate Moosey
I have been looking for a good mustard recipe that I can make in small batches. My hubby is the only one that likes mustard so I do not need a whole lot. I finnally found this recipe and it is so simple. I halved the recipe since I did not have a whole lot of mustard powder on hand. It seems like it would be easy to double if needed.

I have other things on my list like Mayo and actually ranch dressing for my salad. Also hoping to make some beef broth and making vanilla with rum.
What are your favorite homemade spices/condiments?

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